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How to Share Documents Selectively

With your help, TMU can minimize online threats.

Working with cloud-based tools such as Google Workspace (Gmail, Drive, Docs and more) greatly simplifies document collaboration and sharing. On the flip side, inadvertent sharing and changes to your documents without your knowledge become a greater possibility.

Three ways to share cloud-based folders and files more carefully

  1. Adjust default access settings in your cloud drive

    Default privacy settings tend to be low to encourage visibility and sharing. Change your default settings to indicate whether others can edit, copy, print, download or share your folder/file with others automatically.

  2. Be attentive when sharing documents

    Try to share only with those who are active participants in the project or who need to be aware of the matter. This helps prevent the likelihood of inadvertently exposing private information to the wrong people.

  3. Allow minimum levels of permission

    If your default settings don’t already do so, give limited access to your folder/file when sharing. View-only mode with commenting privileges is often enough for collaborators to get the work done.