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Career Advice

We have a myriad of career advising resources available to you, including an online resources hub in D2L, a series of workshops offered on a regular basis, and one-to-one appointments with our skilled and well-trained staff. In order to get the most out of an appointment, we highly recommend that you do some research and attend a workshop first.

We have a lot of career advice available for you 24-7 via the Career Resources Hub in D2L and the two versions of our award-winning career guidance resource, the Career Compass, one for undergraduates and one for graduate students. You can find more information about these advising resources in the Career Resources section of the website.

Workshop Name Workshop Description

Where and How to Look for Work

With a strong resume and cover letter behind you, it's time to start finding and applying to jobs. In this workshop, we'll cover the most effective strategies for finding your next opportunity. These strategies include industry-specific job boards and associations, understanding online applications, informational interviews, and building a network of professional connections, mentors, and allies.

Hiring Trends: How to Stay Up to Date

Making an informed career decision involves knowing what the trends are in the fields that interest you. We'll give you insights into what's happening in the labour market now, and more importantly, you'll learn how you can conduct your own effective labour market research on sectors that you are interested in.

Where Do I Start? A Self-Assessment and Goal Setting Workshop

Whether you're starting out or have many years of experience, having an in-depth understanding of your strengths, values, and interests will guide you in making sound decisions. In this workshop, you'll learn to use a variety of self-assessment tools to help reflect on your strengths, values, interests, and experiences to better understand what career fulfillment and success means to you.

Personal Branding for Career Success

This workshop encourages students and alumni to start thinking about their personal brand, and how they can use online platforms to market their brand to prospective employers.

Learn To Write A Compelling Cover Letter in 90 Minutes

Catch the attention of employers with a compelling cover letter. In this session, you'll learn how to develop a cover letter that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Creating a Resume Employers Will Love

To land part-time work, an internship, or your dream career, you need to be able to communicate your skills. In this session, you’ll learn how to write an attention-grabbing resume.

How to Build A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Learn tips and tricks to help you build a professional online presence using your LinkedIn profile. You'll find out what makes a great LinkedIn profile, how to choose the perfect LinkedIn headshot, and how to use LinkedIn to your advantage.

Powerful Portfolio Creation

Learn how to create master and targeted portfolios that show off your best work. We'll also talk about digital vs. physical portfolios, and go over how to successfully use portfolios in interviews.

Prepare For the Career Fair

Wondering how to get the most out of a career fair? Learn what to expect at the event, how to prepare for it, how to introduce yourself to employers, and how to follow-up effectively.

Interviews: How to Make a Great Impression

Whether by phone, video, or in-person, acing the interview takes preparation and practice. In this session, you’ll learn how to confidently and effectively articulate your skills and experience so you stand out from the competition.

Know Your Worth: How to Negotiate Your Salary Confidently

Yes, you can negotiate your salary, too! Learn how to evaluate and determine appropriate compensation and benefits, and understand effective approaches to negotiating with an employer.

Navigating Professional Environments

To meet your academic and career goals, professionalism is key. In this session, you will deconstruct the notion of professionalism to determine how you can more effectively navigate academic and professional environments. Enhance your intercultural, interpersonal, and communication competencies toward building more effective professional relationships.

Know Your Employment Rights

Have you ever run into a tricky situation at work, and wondered what your rights were? In this workshop we'll talk about your rights as an employee under two pieces of legislation, the Human Rights Code of Ontario and the Employment Standards Act. We'll look at situations including payment of wages, hours of work, discrimination, and harassment so you're prepared to advocate for yourself and others at work.

Is Grad School For Me?

Is grad school a viable or right choice for you? Join this webinar to find out why grad school may be for you (or not)! We will also cover topics such as how to put together a good and compelling statement of intent, and what to include and avoid in your application package.

Harness Your Emotional Intelligence

The ability to identify and manage emotions can help you build strong relationships, mitigate conflict, and achieve goals. In this session, you’ll learn how to harness your emotional intelligence in order to work effectively with others.

Leadership Styles and Skill-Building

According to a 2018 LinkedIn survey, leadership is the number 1 skill that employers look for in candidates. In this session, you will identify your leadership style by evaluating leadership theories and determine ways to build your leadership skills.

Group Work and Teamwork: Strategies for Success

In today's academic and professional environments, teamwork is a core component for meeting goals. Understanding how to build and maintain healthy team dynamics is an essential 21st century competency. Learn how you can contribute effectively to teams through organization, accountability, and empathy.

Appointment Type

Designed for...

* Career Advising 

... students / alumni who are uncertain about your career direction, or who wish to explore viable options, and want to learn about resources available to help you make appropriate strategic decisions.

Note: If you are considering switching programs or have other academic related concerns, please contact your Academic Advisor. You can find out who your advisor is by visiting the academic program administration contact website.

CV / Grad School Application Advising

... students / alumni who need to prepare a CV, and/or application essay for graduate school.

Please include source data (e.g. research/teaching/industry position being applied for or grad school admissions information) to provide context for your document(s).  

* Job Search / Employment Advising

... students / alumni having difficulty finding work or are unsure of where and how to start your job search.

This applies equally to students / alumni seeking summer, part-time, entry-level or career positions. 

LinkedIn / Magnet Profile Advising

... students / alumni who have a complete or incomplete basic online profile on LinkedIn and / or  Magnet, and are interested in learning how to increase your visibility to potential employers / recruiters, and how to get in direct contact with employers. 

LinkedIn Photo Sessions

... students /alumni who have already had a LinkedIn / Magnet Profile Advising appointment. 

* Mock Interview / Interview Tips

... students / alumni who feel tense and / or nervous before an upcoming interview, and feel the need to practice to improve your interview skills. 

Please ensure you attach your resume and a job description that is of interest to you at the time of your appointment booking. 

* Resume / Cover Letter Advising

... students / alumni who have a working resume or cover letter, and are interested in fine-tuning the document(s) prior to a job application.  

Please ensure relevant documents are attached at the time of your appointment booking. 

Student Success Navigator If you have questions and are wondering which campus resources can help, a Student Success Navigator will connect you to the programs, services, activities, and people to support you in meeting your goals.

* Graduate (Master's and PhD) students can meet with the Graduate Career Education Specialists for these appointment types.

Interested in booking a free appointment with a Career Education team member or Student Success Navigator? Simply login to your account in our registration system (external link) .

Are you new to our system and need to create a profile? Follow these steps to create an account before you search for an appointment:

  1. Visit the login page for our registration system (external link) .
  2. Click on “Sign Up”.
  3. Complete the registration form (be sure to use your email address).
  4. The system will send you an email. Follow the link to reset your password.
  5. Log in, and book your appointment by clicking “Book New Appointment”.

Tip #1: Make sure you include “” at the end of your log-in name.

Tip #2: Be sure to attach relevant documents (e.g. resumes, cover letters, etc.) at the time of appointment booking.

Need advice on how to make your resume or cover letter stand out, but don't have the time to make an appointment? We now offer online resume and cover letter reviews by our Career Education Advisor team and will provide written feedback within a few days - no appointment is needed.

For more information, visit our  (google form) Virtual Resume & Cover Letter Review form (external link) .

Tips for Booking a 1:1 Appointment

One-on-one appointments are highly popular and can be difficult to book during busy times of the year. Students are advised to attend workshops (opens in new window)  first to get tips and ask questions. If you have already attended a workshop, are having difficulty booking an appointment online, and are in urgent need of an appointment, please contact the Career and Co-op Centre front desk for assistance at 416-979-5177 or via email at (opens in new window) . (Note: during COVID-19, email is the best way to contact us.)

Appointments for the week ahead are released every Friday by 12 noon. If you are unable to book appointments while logged-in, chances are that there are no available appointments for the current week, and appointments for the following week have not been released yet. We encourage you to access the other career development resources we offer in the meantime, including the Career Resources section of the website and our Workshop & Events Calendar.

Please note the following when viewing the appointment schedule online:

  • A blank box means that no appointments have been released from that consultant. 
  • A grey box indicates a booked appointment by someone else. 
  • A green box indicates an available appointment that you may book.

There are a variety of other career support options available at Toronto Met.

If you are a student in the Ted Rogers School, the Business Career Hub (opens in new window)  is available to support your career needs.

If you are a student in the Faculty of Arts, there is a Career Counsellor who works out of the Student Experience Centre to help facilitate your self-development in order for you to feel confident in making the right educational and career decisions.

If you are looking for resources and information on your rights in the workplace, please visit the Young Workers Rights Hub. Housed in the Faculty of Arts, the Young Workers Rights Hub aims to advance young workers' well-being at work through advocacy, research, outreach, workshops, and more.

Access Career Resources on D2L
 (external link) 

Current students can request access to the resource hub by completing a brief Google Form.

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Register for a Workshop
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Take a look at our Event Calendar and book yourself into one or more of our workshops run by expert staff.

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