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Minor in Retail and Services Management

The Retail and Services Management Minor delivers the fundamentals necessary for understanding the core elements of the retail business. The Minor will also help students gain an understanding of the fundamental importance of managing customer relations and customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

The core courses include courses in retail consumer insight, service quality management, visual merchandising and planning, retail logistics, and retail buying process. Other courses allow the student to increase their knowledge of areas such as franchising, design, commerce and culture, international retail markets, relationship marketing, advanced buying process and multi-channel retailing.

Administered by: Ted Rogers School of Retail Management

Exclusions: This minor is not available to students in the following programs:

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Required course (1):

Plus a minimum of two (2) to a maximum of three (3) courses from the following:

  • RMG 302 Retail Consumer Insight or MKT 400 Understanding Consumers
  • RMG 303 Managing the Retail Workplace or HTH 102* Service and Professionalism
  • RMG 400 Merchandise Buying and Planning I
  • RMG 434 Intro to Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt
  • RMG 452 Visual Merchandising and Space Planning

Plus a minimum of two (2) to a maximum of three (3) courses from the following:

*Students in Hospitality and Tourism Management will take HTH 102 in place of RMG 303.

Please see Senate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.