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Minor in Health Services Management

The Minor in Health Services Management will provide students from a variety of academic backgrounds an awareness of how management skills are cultivated within the healthcare industry in Canada. Students will also learn about the Canadian legal system as it applies to health services delivery. Elective topics will cover healthcare-specific information policies, Long Term Care service delivery, project management, health economics, bioethics, and leadership in healthcare.

Administered by: School of Health Services Management

Exclusions: This minor is not available to students in the following programs:

To receive this Minor, students must complete six (6) courses from the following curriculum:

Two (2) Required courses:

Plus four (4) of the following:

  • HIM 301 Healthcare Information Analysis
  • HIM 303 Introduction to Health Coding Classification
  • HIM 305 Introduction to Health Infomatics
  • HIM 306 Healthcare Interoperability
  • HIM 307 Human-Computer Interfaces in Healthcare
  • HIM 404 Introduction to Health Economics
  • HSM 307 Principles of Long Term Care Service Del.
  • HSM 308 Project Management - Long Term Care
  • HSM 309 Trends in Long Term Care Service Delivery
  • HSM 310 Institutional Structure
  • HSM 330 Managerial Epidemiology for Healthcare
  • HSM 407 Healthcare Financial Management
  • HSM 437 Human Resources Management in Healthcare
  • ITM 750 IS Project Management
  • MHR 523 Human Resources Management or HTH 503 Human Resources Management
  • PHL 302 Ethics and Health Care or PHL 509 Bioethics

Please see Senate Policy 2, Section 7.4 for further information about Minors.