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About Black Excellence

Students sitting together watching an event

Why do we need to focus on Black Excellence at TMU?

Black Excellence initiatives at TMU celebrate the achievements of Black community members, all while recognizing their power, brilliance and resilience in the face of countless systemic barriers. This work embodies Ryersons’ values of equity, diversity, and inclusion as an integral component of the fabric of the university.

In 2020, the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI) published the university’s  (PDF file) Anti-Black Racism Campus Climate Review Report, outlining the real-life experiences of Black students, faculty and staff at TMU, and the ways that the TMU community can come together to disrupt and dismantle anti-Black racism on campus.

A way to create space with fellow Black community members

Black Excellence initiatives aim to not only provide a meaningful space for Black students, faculty and staff to celebrate their successes, but also provide:

  • A multi-generational network between Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni at TMU.
  • A platform to amplify the voices of Black students at TMU.
  • Inspiration, empowerment and encouragement for prospective incoming students, and current Black students at TMU.
  • A visible presence for equity, diversity and inclusion values at TMU.
  • A platform to communicate upcoming initiatives, programming, and opportunities to Black community members.