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Our Research Methods

The Audience Lab uses a mixed-methods approach to research.

Audience Lab uses an innovative Living Labs approach that: prioritizes experimentation in a real world setting, highlights study participants as co-creators, and offers a rich mixed-methods analysis through the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods. This Living Labs approach uses popular quantitative methods (like big data or survey analysis) in order to uncover audience behaviours and patterns. We then contextualize this data with qualitative methods (like focus groups or interviews) which allow us to explain the motivations behind audience trends. We thus offer a 360 degree perspective of audience behaviours, interests, and experiences.

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Qualitative Methods

 Focus groups, interviews, and observational analytics.

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Quantitative Methods

 Experience Sampling, nation-wide large scale surveys, social network analysis, and machine learning.

 Past Projects Have Involved:


Audience segmentation for a marketing firm


A sentiment analysis of online audiences for a major news broadcaster


A study of millenials and their consumption of news via smart speakers like the Amazon Echo


Survey analysis to determine the value of a major video-streaming platform in the Canadian media ecosystem

Project Partners