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Watchtime Canada 2019

Google commissioned Audience Lab to examine the role of YouTube in Canada’s media ecosystem with a report focusing on Canadian YouTube creators and consumers. The study proved groundbreaking on two fronts.

Research Impact


YouTube has been available in Canada for fourteen years; however, this is the first study to examine how it contributes to the Canadian media ecosystem


There has been significant research on YouTube spanning its first fourteen years, but there is a “notable absence” of research that examines the impact of YouTube on national media ecosystems.

The Authors

What's in the Report

This chapter introduces the global platform in three sections that cover YouTube’s origin, financial value, value chain, and YouTube’s role in issues of online safety and data transparency.

This chapter reports the findings of the Canadian YouTube creator survey with over 1200 respondents.

This chapter presents and analyzes the Canadian YouTube consumer survey results from over 1500 respondents across Canada.

This chapter concludes the report by reviewing YouTube’s 21 value propositions and adding to these key takeaways by comparing the results from the two surveys.