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Five students stand together in front of a wall wrapped with vines, smiling in their convocation gowns.

As a graduate, you’ll be ready for exciting positions – varying according to the Options you choose –including those in creative industries, intercultural relations, events planning and organization, international sales, policy development in the arts, career consultancy, art and cultural advocacy, scientific technical writing, non-profit organizations, consumer advocacy, arts sales and marketing, policy analysis, public relations, service delivery in a multicultural environment, communications, cultural and entertainment criticism, equity advising in human resources, counselling and advertising.

ACS graduates are:

  • Excellent analytical and critical thinkers with first-rate communication skills;
  • Culturally tuned-in; and,
  • Multitalented, multifaceted, and suited to a long list of employments.


What is a teachable?

A teachable is a group of 6-credits identifying a particular subject base that you will be suited to teach in later on.

ACS is an excellent BA to earn multiple teachables. We have had excellent feedback from our graduating students who have been accepted into Canada’s leading Teacher’s Colleges. They have a breadth of study that makes them excellent candidates. The ACS Curriculum platform allows you to complete 12 ACS coded credits (that can be used as Humanities and Art History credits), accompanied by another 12 credits in a Specific Option (English, French, History, Philosophy). You can also complete two Minors (a Minor is worth 6 credits and therefore satisfies the “teachable” requirement.)

Many graduates of this program use it as a stepping stone to further studies, such as teacher’s college, law school, and graduate school.