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You’re considered an applicant if you’ve applied to a Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) program and received an email from the university acknowledging your application for the specified terms. The acknowledgement is sent to the email address you provided when you applied to TMU.

Activating your online identity

If you’ve applied to a TMU undergraduate or Faculty of Law program, you can activate your online identity as soon as you receive an email acknowledging your application.

For all other applicants, please activate your online identity 24 hours from the time you receive your email acknowledgement.

Getting started

Complete the online identity activation form. Have your TMU student number ready - this can be found in your official acknowledgement email from the university.

Important security note: If you need to step away from the computer before completing the online identity activation form, be sure to close your browser to prevent others from tampering with your account setup.

Troubleshooting activation issues

Once you’ve begun the activation process, immediate solutions to common issues can be found by clicking the “Online Identity Activation FAQs” link at the bottom of the activation form.