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Dr. Laleh Samarbakhsh

Dr. Laleh Samarbakhsh

Chair, Finance | Associate Professor
OfficeTRS 1-081
Phone416-979-5000 ext: 556745


Dr. Laleh Samarbakhsh is an associate professor of Finance at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. Her research interests include corporate finance, empirical asset pricing, hedge funds, cryptocurrencies, derivatives, and financial crises. Dr. Samarbakhsh has also performed and published research in financial education and pedagogy. She has presented her research in various international academic conferences, including Financial Management Association, European Financial Management Association, Northern Finance Association, Asian Financial Management Association, Eastern Finance Association, Midwest Finance Association, and the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. She currently coordinates and teaches Managerial Finance at TRSM and has taught courses in Personal Finance and Corporate Finance. Dr. Samarbakhsh is the recipient of the 2019 Dean’s Teaching Award of Excellence.

Since 2019, Dr. Samarbakhsh is appointed an associate editor of Global Finance Journal (external link)  (Ranked “A” in ABDC journal quality list (external link, opens in new window) ).

Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Empirical Asset Pricing, Financial crises, Hedge Funds, Cryptocurrencies

“Did the STOCK Act impact the performance, risk, and flow of Hedge Funds?”, with Shah M., forthcoming at International Journal of Managerial Finance, 2021
“COVID-19 and Hedge Fund Equity Ownership”, with Singh A., forthcoming at International Review of Finance, 2021
“Fixed Income Mutual Fund Performance During and After a Crisis: A Canadian Case”, with Shah M., Journal of Economics and Finance (2021): 1-23. (Lead article)
“Fragmentation in the Bitcoin markets: Evidence from multiple coexisting order books”, with Jeon Y., and Hewitt K., forthcoming at Finance Research Letters, 2020. SSRN link (external link) 
“Components of Credit Rationing”, with Beyhaghi M., Firoozi F., Jalilvand A., Journal of Financial Stability, 50, (2020): 100762. SSRN link (external link) 
“Chinese Economic Policy Uncertainty and U.S. Corporate Investment”, with Lee K., Jeon Y. and Kim I., International Review of Finance (2020)
“What makes a board director better connected? Evidence from graph theory”, with Tasic B., Computer Science and Information Systems, 17, no. 2 (2020): 357-377. (Lead article)
“Do clickers work for students with poorer grades and in harder courses?”, with Anderson S., Goss A., Inglis M., Kaplan A., and Toffanin M., Journal of Further and Higher Education, 42, no. 6 (2018): 797-807.
“Removal of Foreign Property Rule and International Diversification in Canadian Mutual Funds”, with Bates, K., and Senat S., Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) Annual Proceedings - Finance Division, 2015.
Year Presentation name
2021 The 37th International Conference of the French Finance Association (AFFI), Nantes, France (presenting author)
2020 AAA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA (presenting author)
2020 CAAA Annual Meeting, Saskatoon, SK (presenting author; discussant)
2019 FMA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA (presenting author)
2019 Vietnam International Conference in Finance, Da Nang, Vietnam (presenting author)
2019 Asian Financial Management Association Conference, Ho Chi Minh City (chair; discussant)
2019 FMA Applied Finance Conference, New York, NY (presenting author)
2018 Midwest Finance Association, San Antonio, TX (chair; discussant)
2017 Asian Financial Management Association Conference, Taipei, Taiwan (presenting author)
2015 Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting, Lake Louise, AB (presenting author)
2015 ASAC Annual Meeting, Halifax, NS (presented by co-author) 
2015 Midwest Finance Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL (presenting author)
2014 AABRI International Conference, Savannah, GA (presented by co-author)
2012 Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting, Niagara Falls, ON (presenting author)
2012 Financial Management European Annual Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey (presenting author)
2012 Eastern Finance Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA (presenting author)
2012 Midwest Finance Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA (presenting author)
Year Research grant / funding
2021 SOSCIP (Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform)
2020 MITACS Canada Accelerate Grant
2019 TRSM Research Development Grant
2019 Financial Management Association Applied Finance Grant
2017 SSHRC SIG Grant
Royal Bank of Canada IDI Grant
2015 Office of Vice-President Research & Innovation URO Grant
TRSM Dean’s SRC Grant
Course code Course title
AFF 210 Principles of Finance
FIN 300 Managerial Finance
FIN 502 Personal Financial Planning