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Entrepreneurship Fund

The BVZ Entrepreneurship Fund is a community-backed fund fueling innovation at the Brampton Venture Zone by TMU and is committed to providing financial support to visionary founders shaping the landscape of technology startups at BVZ. 

With the incredible generosity of our industry partners and donors spanning Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area, the BVZ Entrepreneurship Fund has successfully raised $200,000 (that has helped fund our entrepreneurs) to date. This generous funding empowers exceptional entrepreneurs dedicated to solving pressing challenges and developing technology solutions for the greater economic and social impact of the Brampton community. 

BVZ Launch (Incubator) Fellowships:

BVZ Launch fellowships are central to our dedication to fostering talent and innovation. Entrepreneurs entering the Launch (incubator) stage become eligible for awards designed to fuel their cutting-edge initiatives. In 2021-22, each of our startups received a $20,000 Launch Fellowship (total value of $420,000), followed by a $12,000 fellowship per startup in 2023 (total value of $216,000) with no strings attached – no equity or intellectual property is claimed in return.

As we move forward, the BVZ fund remains dedicated to supporting committed entrepreneurs with $12,000 BVZ Launch Fellowships per startup, placing a special focus on health and wellness startup founders who are addressing tangible issues within the Brampton community.