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Best Practices

  1. Review the  (PDF file) language guidelines for appropriate replacements
  2. Assign one person to run replacements
  3. Check spelling before running a search
  4. Do not add extra spaces before/after search terms
  5. Searches are case-sensitive. i.e. search 'Ryerson', not 'ryerson'
  6. Run search and replacements for ‘Ryerson University’ before you search and replace the single term ‘Ryerson’.  This avoids ‘University’ being orphaned from instances of ‘Ryerson University’.
  7. Review the “excerpt” column to avoid replacing text in a filename, hyperlink or paths
  8. Review the "excerpt" column to ensure the replacement does not change context

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes. The selected pages will be published in ten minutes. This gives you the opportunity to remove the page from the replacement queue if you change your mind.

Yes. All content containing the searched term will be found by the search and replace tool.

All replacements will be made if they are added to the queue; however, a page will be published ONLY if it is currently published and there are no pending modifications on the page.

Unpublished pages will have replacements made to the content but the page will remain unpublished.

Dos and Don'ts

Do use the tool to replace:

  • web page titles and descriptions
  • text content in most components
  • DAM asset titles, descriptions and keywords


Do NOT use the tool to replace:

  • file, folder and page names *
  • paths and links
  • custom fields
  • HTML snippet content
  • tags
  • content in uploaded documents (PDF, etc.)
* Do not attempt to use the tool to modify filenames or folders. Use the move/rename option in AEM. This will allow you to update referenced pages at the same time.