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Jesse Berger makes the transition from banking to Bitcoin

The Ted Rogers MBA’s Entrepreneurial Spirit - Alumni Spotlight
January 14, 2022
Jesse Berger with Bitcoin Book

When the global financial crisis struck, Jesse Berger (Ted Rogers MBA, 2015), was working in the world of banking and wealth management. The crisis made him realize the moral hazard inherent in our current monetary system and question the institution of money.

Realizing it was time for a career change, he decided to pursue his MBA to grow his network, acquire more knowledge and discover new opportunities. He became interested in Bitcoin, and has not only become an advocate for it, but has also written a book on the topic.

Here is what Berger had to say about his work in Bitcoin and how his Ted Rogers MBA helped him refine and develop his skills to author a book about it:

Tell us about your organization/work:

The organization I work with and for is Bitcoin. Unlike traditional organizations, Bitcoin has no formal governance structure. It has no CEO or Board of Directors. Instead, there is a decentralized network of contributors, equitably empowered to uphold a set of impartial, inviolable and mutually beneficial rules. 

My primary role as a voluntary member of this network is education and outreach. Putting it more simply, I am a Bitcoin advocate. To that end, I authored Magic Internet Money: A Book About Bitcoin to introduce curious readers to this enigmatic topic. I work with individuals and organizations to help them understand what Bitcoin is, how it functions and why it matters for our future wealth and well-being.

Why did you pursue your MBA and why did you choose the Ted Rogers MBA program?

I left the world of banking and wealth management in the hopes of changing careers. With that in mind, I chose to pursue my MBA to grow my network, to acquire more knowledge and to discover new opportunities. 

I chose the Ted Rogers MBA because the program itself was nimble, adaptable to the differing needs of students and intimate, enabling students to develop strong relationships with classmates and staff. Though I was not aware of it going into the program, I was pleasantly surprised by the talented network of speakers regularly invited into classrooms to share their experiences in business and life.

How did the Ted Rogers MBA program assist you on your entrepreneurial journey?

The program afforded me ample opportunity to refine existing skills and develop new ones, especially as it related to the presentation of ideas. One of my key takeaways from the program was learning how to frame arguments and formulate strategies that win both hearts and minds. Nowhere are those lessons more apparent than in my book.