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Celebrating TRSM faculty, staff and research achievements

January 28, 2020
Dr. Sonya Graci receiving research award
Dr. Ozgur Turetken, Dr. Sonya Graci and Dean Daphne Taras

Each year, awards are presented to recognize Ted Rogers School of Management faculty, staff and research achievements.  The TRSM community gathered on January 27, 2020 to celebrate the 2019/2020 recipients. Congratulations to the winners!

TRSM Research Recognition Awards:

Dr. Sonya Graci
Dr. Jenna Jacobson
Dr. Mehdi Kargar
Dr. Katie Lebel
Dr. Atefeh (Atty) Mashatan
Dr. Charlene Nicholls-Nixon
Dr. Thomas (Tom) Schneider
Dr. Fei Song
Dr. Sui Sui
Dr. Lu Zhang

Dean's Scholarly, Research and Creative (SRC) Activity Awards: Dr. Fei Song

Dr. Song is the Chair/Professor of Human Resources Management/Organizational Behaviour at TRSM. Her research interests include behaviour decision-making, compensation and incentives, risk and uncertainty, social preferences and norms, e.g. cooperation and competition, trust and reciprocity, fairness, group decision-making and conflict management. Dr. Song has been the principal investigator on three standard research SSHRC grants and a co-investigator on four other ones. She has published in many high-impact management, behavioural/experimental economics, psychology and interdisciplinary journals.

Dean's Scholarly, Research and Creative (SRC) Activity Awards: Dr. Lu Zhang

Dr. Zhang’s SRC contribution has been impressive for a finance scholar at this early stage of her career. She has published five papers in peer-reviewed journals. One paper is in a journal ranked A* by the Australian Business Deans Council and two are in journals ranked A by the ABDC. Dr. Zhang has presented papers at eight peer-reviewed conferences and won the Best Finance Paper Award at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada conferences in 2016 and 2018. She has been successful in obtaining both internal and external research grants including a SSHRC Insight Development Grant as a co-investigator in 2018.

Dean's Service Award: Dr. Farid Shirazi 

Dr. Shirazi was involved in several volunteer services with ITM at both TRSM and Ryerson, and many of them were extremely labour-intensive. He always went the extra mile to help our students, faculty and staff on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Shirazi was our faculty lead for preparing ITM Periodic Program Review (PPR), which was approved in June 2018 and resulted in developing and updating many courses. He served as a member of ITM hiring and evaluation committees (DHC and DEC) during the last six years. He was also an active member of TRSM GPC, UCC and PhD committee in Environmental Science Program.

Dean's Service Award: Dr. Tony Hernandez 

Dr. Hernandez is a full professor at TRSM, cross-appointed with Retail and Real Estate. He is also the Director and Eaton Chair in Retailing at the Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity. Beyond his role as the director of a research institute, he has consistently contributed to the two departments that he is affiliated with, as well as to the faculty (TRSM), the university, other programs and external organizations. In the past two years alone, he has been a member or has chaired 29 committees at Ryerson, a list that includes hiring, evaluation, selection, graduate program and policy, among others.

Dean's Teaching Award: Dr. Sean Wise

Dr. Wise is a passionate entrepreneurial educator.  Seeing unmet needs, he co-authored a major Canadian Entrepreneurship textbook, hosted a TV show featuring underrepresented founders and created an online platform to facilitate entrepreneurial experiential learning. Dr. Wise’s unique blend of entrepreneurial experience, unbridled passion and teaching pedagogy makes him an exemplary teacher. Not only does he facilitate learning, he inspires students to push themselves towards greatness. He believes that entrepreneurship empowers everyone, and as a teacher is focused on the twin pillars of inclusion and experiential learning.

Dean's Teaching Award: Dr. Karen Peesker

Dr. Peesker creates unique and engaging learning opportunities, which expand beyond the traditional classroom environment. Her students appreciate her enthusiasm for teaching and her passion for developing future business leaders. When her former students reflect back upon their time in her classroom, they talk about how the experiential assignments she designed better prepared them for life after Ryerson, how the skills she taught helped them to connect with industry professionals and how her classes provided some of the highlights of their university experience.

Dean's Teaching Award: Andre Serero

Andre Serero is a consummate educator, combining a mastery of his subject matter with a passion for mentorship. His knowledge of corporate law is surpassed only by his enthusiasm for teaching its nuances to students. His ceaseless passion for the topic, and his undying dedication to his students is obvious to anyone who sets foot in his classroom. Serero consistently garners absolutely first-rate feedback from students, who praise his enthusiasm, his dedication and his ability to inspire.

YSGS Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education: Dr. Mark Lee

Dr. Lee currently teaches the Applied Research Methods I course in TRSM's Master of Science in Management Program. He firmly believes in taking an active interest in mentoring students. To accomplish this, he has secured numerous grants (e.g., Internal/SSHRC) that provide research and training opportunities for students. Within the Retail program, Dr. Lee hosts an annual Retail Research Colloquium, inviting graduate students to present their ongoing research. These opportunities have helped students realize their potential, leading to numerous peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations/proceedings. To date, he has co-authored with 24 students yielding 53 academic contributions. 

Assistant Vice President, International's Global Learning Award: Dr. Frederic Dimanche 

Dr. Dimanche has published numerous tourism-related research articles and co-authored one book (in French) on hospitality management and another one on tourism in Russia. His research has been published in Annals of Tourism Research, the Journal of Travel Research, and the Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, among others. Dr. Dimanche has contributed as a guest lecturer and a consultant to universities, private companies and national or regional tourism organizations in Canada, France, the USA and other countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Irene Campagna Excellence in Service Award: Ruth Andrews 

Ruth Andrews has been highly dedicated to students and the Hospitality and Tourism Program at TRSM for the past 27 years. She regularly "goes the extra mile" to provide service to our faculty and staff. No matter how busy Andrews is, she is always prepared to help out a student at reception with a question or a staff member who needs to find something. In addition to being the lead administrative staff member, Andrews is also the lead counselor for our students. Her patience and calm, ability to listen and understand, and rigorous knowledge of the curriculum made her a very sought after advisor. 

TRSM Outstanding Research Recognition Awards:

Dr. Deborah De Lange        
Dr. Frederic Dimanche
Dr. Rachel Dodds
Dr. Yi Feng
Dr. Annika Hillebrandt
Dr. Tom Griffin
Dr. Mehdi Kargar
Dr. Morteza Zihayat Kermani
Dr. Mark Lee
Dr. Chris MacDonald
Dr. Atty Mashatan
Dr. Mohammad Nikoofal
Dr. Ojelanki Ngwenyama
Dr. Thomas Schneider
Dr. Norman Shaw
Dr. Farid Shirazi
Dr. Fei Song
Dr. Sui Sui
Dr. Philip Walsh
Dr. Hossein Zolfagharinia