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The Centre for Digital Enterprise Analytics and Leadership (DEAL) conducts transdisciplinary research at the intersection of computer science and social science aimed at transforming organizational big datasets into business assets. DEAL’s focus is on three major activities:

  • Research and development of the next generation of business data analytics solutions.
  • Digital transformation of business processes for Canadian and international organizations.
  • Research-based education of Canadian students and executives in digital enterprise analytics and leadership.

 DEAL seeks to leverage synergies between the following three pillars of digital enterprise research and practice at TRSM and beyond:

  1. ENABLE: A new “enterprise” architecture that embodies business processes and enterprise wide technologies to support the digital enterprise
  2. DRIVE: Evidence based and increasingly automated decision making fully driven by analytics and artificial intelligence tools and capabilities
  3. SECURE: A suite of managerial and technological controls to secure the digital enterprise

These individual pillars of the digital enterprise are well recognized as prominent areas of research and practice, but DEAL’s holistic view of this concept and research synergies therein will help visualize and realize the interconnections and synergies across the digital enterprise.

Our current research, education, and consulting includes but not limited to Digital Enterprise Maturity Models, Data Management, Business Data Analytics (Visual Analytics, Text Analytics, Predictive Analytics using Applied Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis and Social Set Analysis).