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Hasko von Kriegstein, Assistant Professor, Law Business

Dr. Hasko von Kriegstein

Associate Professor
DepartmentLaw and Business
EducationBA, PhD
OfficeTRS 3-082
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 553659


Hasko von Kriegstein is Associate Professor in the Department of Law and Business in the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Dr. von Kriegstein works in normative ethical theory and business ethics. His focus within the former is on philosophical theories of well-being and value. In business ethics, he is currently most interested in critically exploring arguments for the conclusion that business and ethics are incompatible.

Dr. von Kriegstein holds a BA in Philosophy and Economics from University Bayreuth in his native Germany (2008), and received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Toronto for a thesis on the nature and value of achievements (2014). Prior to joining Toronto Metropolitan University, he spent a year as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His work is interdisciplinary, and draws upon distinct areas such as philosophy, economic theory, and corporate law. His work has been published, inter alia, in Business Ethics Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, Philosophical Studies, The Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Utilitas, and Business and Society Review.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
von Kriegstein, H. (2021): ‘The Radical Behavioral Challenge and Wide-Scope Obligations in Business’, Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming.
von Kriegstein, H. (2020): ‘Shareholder Ownership is Irrelevant for Shareholder Primacy’, Business Ethics Journal Review, 8(4), 20-26.
von Kriegstein, H. (2020): ‘Well-Being as Harmony’ In: Kaspar, D. (ed.) (2020). Explorations in Ethics. Palgrave MacMillan.
von Kriegstein, H. (2019): ‘Oxymoron: Taking Business Ethics Denial Seriously’, Journal of Business Ethics Education, 16, 103-134.
von Kriegstein, H. (2019): ‘On Being Difficult: Towards an Account of Difficulty’, Philosophical Studies, 176(1), 45-64.
von Kriegstein, H. (2019): ‘Succeeding Competently: Towards an Anti-Luck Condition for Achievement’, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 49(3), 394-418.
von Kriegstein, H. (2018): ‘Scales for Scope: A New Solution to the Scope-Problem for Pro-Attitude-Based Well-Being’, Utilitas, 30(4), 417-438.
von Kriegstein, H. (2017): 'On Being Difficult (external link, opens in new window) '; Philosophical Studies.  
von Kriegstein, H. (2017): 'Effort and Achievement (external link, opens in new window) '; Utilitas.  
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von Kriegstein, H. (2016): ' (PDF file) Armchair vs Armchair: Let's Not Try to Guess the Social Value of Corporate Objectives (external link, opens in new window) '; Business Ethics Journal Review.
von Kriegstein, H. (2015): 'Shareholder Primacy and Deontology (external link, opens in new window) '; Business and Society Review.
von Kriegstein, H. (2015): ' (PDF file) Source and Bearer: Metz on the Pure Part-Life View of Meaning (external link, opens in new window) '; Journal of Philosophy of Life.
Course code Course title
BUS 221 Business Decision-Making
BUS 223 Ethics in Commerce