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Dean's Council

The Dean’s Council serves to provide expert and industry-specific guidance on topics such as curriculum, market positioning, international expansion, and technology and trend evaluation. Dean's Council members also serve as ambassadors for TRSM within their industries or sectors.

Dean's Council members were chosen from local, national and international organizations based on their genuine passion for shaping post-secondary education and career opportunities for a diverse student body, as well as a willingness to promote the school’s plans for growth.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategic advice: Communicating ideas and concerns about academic programs
  • Student engagement: A willingness to interact with students on varied topics and issues
  • Building relationships: Enhancing the school’s brand and profile by fostering relationships on its behalf within the business community
  • Acting as ambassadors: Advise and assist the school in promoting itself locally, nationally and internationally as it seeks to attract a diversity of students
  • Fundraising: Support and guide the school’s fundraising efforts by identifying potential funding sources and participating in fundraising events.

In fulfilling these key responsibilities, members of the Dean’s Council work to advance the four central strategic objectives of the TRSM Academic Plan:

  • Redefine experiential learning for the 21st century
  • Enhance graduate programs and scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activities
  • Cultivate a reputation for community building
  • Improve internal governance, communications and structures to enable lasting innovation