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The Procrastination Equation

April 02, 2019
6:00 PM EDT - 8:00 PM EDT
TRSM Commons (TRSM 1-148)
Open To
Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, Advisory Council members, External Community
TRSM Dean’s Office - Carrie Wiebe,
 | Inthuja Ramachandran,


Procrastination has plagued humanity since the earliest records and is universally experienced as harmful. Almost 95% of people admit to procrastinating at least somewhat and have tried repeatedly and often unsuccessfully to combat it. Come to this series if you wish to know more about what causes procrastination, why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it and how to reduce your procrastination to levels that will improve your happiness as well as your productivity. Based on science of motivation from the bestselling book The Procrastination Equation.

Piers Steel - Dean's Speaker Series

Piers Steel

About the Author

Dr. Piers Steel is the Brookfield Management Research Chair at the Haskayne School of Business in Alberta, Canada. Piers holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and works with selection, motivational and meta-analytic issues. He has authored over 60 papers, several winning awards, such as monograph status from the Journal of Applied Psychology and APA’s George A. Miller Award, given to the best psychological research published in the last five years. He is considered one of the premier experts on procrastination, author of the book The Procrastination Equation, and his research has been reported in hundreds of media outlets around the world including the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, LA Times, Scientific American, and The New Yorker. He is a fellow of SIOP, APA and APS.