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Year End Show 2024

About the Show

The Year-End Show at SID is a yearly event that is coming home to 302 Church Street for the first time since 2019.

This year will be its 75th iteration and the three-storey industrial warehouse will once again undergo a transformation from an educational studio space to an elegant gallery, presenting a wide array of projects and installations from all students in the program. 

Historically our show attracts over 1,500 attendees, becoming a significant platform for students to showcase their design accomplishments, forge connections, and establish themselves within the evolving design industry.


 A brown cardboard booth on a black carpet with plinths in front of it. The booth unfolds and folds, revealing student work in every corner and fold.

Our showcase at the Interior Design Show this January 2024! Image by Aarthi Nathan

A fold, a crease, a bend, is a catalyst for new dimensions, proportions and space. As new folds are added by intention or unfolded to intuit new results, the form strengthens through all stages of the process. This year’s show is named “un/fold” is an annual event organized by a collective of students that use the show as a platform to support our student body. 

Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Interior Design fosters the creation and growth of generations of designers. We are a community with layers of contribution as we fold in ideas from the past and refold— adapting to changing ideas and practices. 

Our show reveals the layers of connections developed in our time at SID, which expands the founding influence we carry and develop as designers. 

We look to celebrate the dynamic fabric of our community at this year’s Year End Show. Let’s match a crease to crease, and see what transformations unfold. 

We invite you to see what unfolds...


A room with many chairs and a projector at the front. Smaller lights line tables at the front and create a moody atmosphere.

Installation Night for students to pitch their ideas of installations that will be showcased at the show.

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