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Portrait of Justine Woods, one of the creative practitioners at Saagajiwe

Justine Woods

Coordinator, Saagajiwe
EducationB.Des Fashion Design - TMU, M. Des - OCADU, PhD Candidate Media and Design Innovation - TMU

Justine Woods is a garment artist, designer, creative scholar, and educator based in Toronto, Ontario. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Media and Design Innovation PhD program at Toronto Metropolitan University. She holds a Master of Design from OCAD University and a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design from Toronto Metropolitan University. Woods’ research and design practice centres fashion and garment-making as practice-based methods of inquiry towards re-stitching alternative worlds that prioritize, celebrate, and mobilize Indigenous resurgence. Her work foregrounds all of the relationships that make up her identity as a Penetanguishene Aabitaawikwe (Halfbreed). Born and raised in Tiny, Ontario, Woods is a member of the Georgian Bay Métis Community and is a descendant of the St. Onge and Berger-Beaudoin families.