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Lori Beckstead Headshot

Lori Beckstead

Associate Professor, Media Production (On Sabbatical)
Phoneext 556030

On Sabbatical

BSc, University of Waterloo
BAA, Toronto Metropolitan University
BEd, OISE/University of Toronto
MA, University of Technology Sydney

Areas of Expertise: 

Allan Slaight Radio Institute, Director

Lori Beckstead is a professor of audio & digital media in the RTA School of Media at Toronto Met, where she teaches courses in radio production, sound design, and digital media production.  Also a sound artist, she has a particular interest in soundscape recording and interactive installation art. Lori spent ten years in hardscrabble yet rewarding work at several campus & community radio stations around Ontario, and has done freelance work for CBC Radio as a producer, online journalist, web producer and reporter.  In addition to holding three undergraduate degrees--in Science, Radio & Television Arts, and Education--she also has a Master of Media Arts & Production from the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia). As Program Leader for the Canadian Women in Communications/Corus Career Accelerator from 2009 to 2012, Lori developed and delivered an intensive professional development program in digital media and technology for women across Canada each year.  Lori served as Associate Chair in the RTA School of Media from 2010 to 2014. When not busy keeping up with the latest developments in social media, media technology, and new (and old) forms of media content, Lori is usually traveling, knitting, sewing, silversmithing or getting worked up about local, provincial, or federal politics.