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Curriculum Vitae

No particular format is required for the CV. However, some examples of sections that are often part of the CV include:

  • Personal details (e.g., name, address, phone numbers, e-mail)
  • Education
  • Honours and Awards
  • Memberships in Professional Associations
  • Research Experience
  • Volunteer Experience (e.g., working on a suicide hotline)
  • Other Related Experience (e.g., teaching assistantships)
  • Publications
  • Professional Presentations (e.g., conference presentations)
  • Employment History
  • References


  • Provide sufficient details. Include dates, supervisors’ names, title of thesis, duties and responsibilities for placements and positions listed, etc.
  • Make sure there are no errors or typos
  • Pay attention to formatting –your CV should be well organized and visually appealing
  • Use APA style when listing publications and presentations