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John Shiga

John Shiga

OfficeRCC 360D
Phone(416) 979-5328


John Shiga completed his Ph.D. in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University and was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University. In ProCom, he has designed and taught courses on science communication, media and urban environments, power and resistance in online media, cross-cultural communication, knowledge translation, and communication and social change. His current research interests include the politics of sound, communication and the nonhuman, media and the environment, and arts-based knowledge translation.

Research Interests

John has designed and taught courses in digital culture, communication law and policy, communication and media theory, sound studies and audio cultures, media and marginalized communities, communication in the city, science communication, Internet and digital media governance, and cross-cultural communication. He has published work on the history of digital audio, intellectual property, media theory, and interspecies communication. He currently has several strands of research: technology and music cultures; audio media and law; media and the environment; interspecies communication and the nonhuman; and knowledge translation (especially interactive, participatory approaches and theatre- and audio-based techniques). His research draws from science and technology studies, media archeology, philosophy of communication, environmental history, cultural geography, environmental communication, and sound studies. He has supervised graduate MRPs and theses on media framing of environmental issues, Internet regulation, social media and politics, sonic branding, colour trademarks, social media and cultural memory, political branding, postcolonialism and migration, among other areas.


St-Amant, O., Shiga, J., Hauck, G. & AuDuong, J. (forthcoming). Translating knowledge through arts-based pedagogy: Unpacking global service learning. International Nursing Education and Scholarship.

Shiga, J. (2021). Sonic Saturation and Militarized Subjectivity in Cold War Submarine Films. In Melody Jue & Rafico Ruiz (eds.), Saturation: An Elemental Politics (pp. 105-122). Duke University Press.

Shiga. J. (2019). The Nuclear Sensorium: Cold War Nuclear Imperialism and Sensory Violence. Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 34(2), 281-306.

Shiga, J. (2018). ‘One little seed blowing in the wind’: Risk media and the production of transgenic life as biocapital. In Bishnupriya Ghosh & Bhaskar Sarkar (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Media and Risk (pp. 32-64). New York: Routledge.

Shiga, J. (2017). Copying machines: Unconscious musical plagiarism and the mediatisation of musical listening and memory / Machines à copier: Le plagiat musical inconscient et la médiatisation de l’écoute et de la mémoire. Transpositions, 6,