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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide free legal support to people and communities facing barriers to justice.

Our Vision

We envision a society with accessible legal systems, where the dignity and rights of every person are upheld.

Our Values

Dignity. We believe that every person is entitled to respect, to have their voice heard, and to fully enjoy their rights.

Equity. We stand for substantive equality, inclusion, and diversity in all its forms. We focus on impact (not just good intentions).

Humility. We prioritize listening, learning, and self-reflection. We value the wisdom of the communities we serve, and their experiences inform our work.


PBSC at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law is a student organization that matches law students with volunteer placements and does not employ lawyers, does not provide legal advice, and cannot assist with individual cases.

If you are seeking legal advice, we encourage you to refer to these resources (external link) .