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Truth before Reconciliation: Discussing Residential Schools with Children and Youth

September 23, 2021
12:00 PM EDT - 1:30 PM EDT


This is a live discussion and learning session that will not be recorded. In this session parents will learn residential schools and gain the tools they need to have conversations with their children about this emotionally heavy topic.


Dr. Jennifer Brant (she/her) Kanien’keh:ka, is a mother-scholar and assistant professor at the University of Toronto. Jennifer writes and teaches about Indigenous maternal pedagogies and Indigenous literatures. Jennifer is the coeditor of Forever Loved: Exposing the Hidden Crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada and her work on Indigenous mothering is featured in several Demeter Press collections. Jennifer positions Indigenous literatures as educational tools to foster sociopolitical action and calls for immediate responses to racialized, sexualized, and gender-based violences. 

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