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Industrial Research & Development

Dr. Neumann engages in a variety of applied human factors research work, ranging from ergonomic evaluations to large-scale productivity/ergonomic optimisations.

For enquiries into applied research opportunities, as well as student project work and internships, please contact Dr. Neumann directly.

Past R&D Projects 
A.G. Simpson
Windsor, Canada
Evaluation of mechanical loading effects of lift assists used for heavy metal stamping operations.
Butler Metal Products 
Cambridge, Canada
Evaluation of physical loading for material handling from large crates with and without tilting mechanisms & provided consulting services.
Car Recycling Systems
Dongen, The Netherlands
Ergonomics and productivity in car disassembly systems. 
Emerson Power Systems 
Soderhamn, Sweden
Evaluation of productivity and ergonomics consequences of a design change from batch to line assembly.
General Motors Canada 
Oshawa, Canada
Establishment and operation of on-site research centre with 24-hour data collection capability for a large study of risk factors for low back pain.
General Motors Canada, A.G. Simpson,  Woodbridge Group
Canadian head offices
Coordinatation of information exchange between 'head-office' and 'factories' as part of the joint industry/university Ergonomics Initiative for research and development.
Volvo Powertrain 
Skovde, Sweden
Evaluation of production systems and development of a company-centred process for joint optimisation of productivity and ergonomics.
Woodbridge Foam
Ennerflex, Tillbury, Canada
Oshawa, Canada
Test of a participative ergonomics process for improved musculoskeletal health in foam production facility. Development and testing of a simple company tool for quantifying ergonomic risks.