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Dr. Carina Rebello

Assistant Professor


Physics Education Research (PER)

Evidence Based Reasoning & Scientific Argumentation

Scientific Inquiry and Engineering Design

Curriculum Development

Pedagogy Professional Development

Science Education & Educational Technologies

Course Code Course Name
PCS 224 Solid State
PCS 125
Physics: Waves and Fields
  • Pedagogy (Physics Education Research)
  • Retrieval Practice Scaffolded Argumentation to Facilitate Problem Solving on Structured and Semi-Structured Tasks in Introductory Undergraduate Physics. NSF IUSE, Carina Rebello (PI), Tianlong Zu (Co-PI – Jackson State University), Megan Pickett (Co-PI – Lawrence University), and Sanjay Rebello (Co-PI). $600, 000 for three years (PENDING – 08/2022 – 07/2025).
  • Infusing Design in a Physics Course for Engineers. NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE: EHR), Carina Rebello (PI), Jason Morphew (Co-PI – Purdue University), and Sanjay Rebello (Co-PI – Purdue University). $299, 996 for three years (10/2020 – 09/2023).
  • ARISE: Argumentation Infused Scale-Up Environment. NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE: EHR), Carina Rebello (PI), Lynn Bryan (Co-PI – Purdue University), Andy Hirsch (Co-PI – Purdue University), and Mark Haugan (Co-PI – Purdue University). $299,676 for three years (08/2017 – 07/2023).
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN), 2022 – Present.
  • American Association for Physics Teachers (AAPT), member, 2019 – 2020: Nominating Committee Member
  • National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST), member, 2022 - Present: Elections Committee member, 2018 – 2021: Research Committee member, 2016 – 2018: Co-Strand Coordinator – Strand 5: College Science Teaching
  • Canadian Association of Physics (CAP), member
  • European Science Education Research Association (ESERA), member
  • College of Science Outstanding Teacher Award, Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN), 2018 – 2019. On behalf of the Purdue Science Student Council.
  • SPIRA Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN), 2019.
Year Degree University
2012 PhD University of Missouri (Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum – Science Education)
2007 MSc Ball State University (Physics)
2005 Hons. BSc Kansas State University (Physics)