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The Bacchae

F23-w24 - season et al - The Bacchae 2.0

Translated by Charles Mee

Directed by Philip Geller

March 14th, 16th, & 19th at 7:30pm 

The Bacchae by Charles Mee asks us to turn towards the outcast, the strange, the monstrous, the queer and asks if we can make space for it within our society. What are the potentials, what are the tensions, when a rigid structure meets a fluid force? In this production we honour the old gods – Dionysius and beyond and whatever that might mean to you, as vessels for the beautiful freak within us. Celebrate the strange with us! Make room for the binary busting! Unhinge the grotesque! It has been a gift to be on this journey with the forever resourceful, abundantly creative, and heart-working students at TMU. kihchi-maarsii (thank you very much)

Philip Geller, Director