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Rite of Passage 

and Passage of Time

Choreography by Angela Blumberg in collaboration with the 4th year dancers.

Wednesday, April 20th and Friday, April 22 @7pm. 
Two 20 minute works with a short pause between them.

Shared with an in-person audience of invited guests. Video of the work will also be live streamed at the above times. 

The Ianos Gate

Choreography by Louis Laberge-Côté, in collaboration with the 3rd year dancers.

Thursday, April 21 @7pm and Saturday, April 23 @2pm. 
40 minutes with no intermission.

Shared with an in-person audience of invited guests. Video of the work will also be live streamed at the above times. 


Choreography by Kaitlyn Seibold, in collaboration with the 2nd year dancers.

Wednesday, April 27 at 7:00pm.

Shared via a live stream with a live artist chat followed by the dance film. 

*All of these works will be available for later viewing through our website*

Message from the Producer + Director of Performance Dance

We are excited to welcome you to this performance of Springworks 2022!  Some of you are joining us via live-stream while others are in the theatre, which is particularly exciting, as it is our very first live presentation since the Fall of 2019.  

As the pandemic continued to impact us throughout this past year,  we once again looked for ways to offer our students meaningful creative processes and performance opportunities.  I knew that the guest artists we invited to join us this term would need to be creative, fluid, open-minded and unphased by the many unknown possibilities.  

Guest choreographer, Angela Blumberg, generously created two poignant new works, Rite of Passage and Passage of Time with our 4th year dancers. These works were conceived especially for our graduating dancers as a way to mark this significant and meaningful time in their lives.  Faculty member, Louis Laberge-Côté, worked closely with our 3rd year dancers to create The Ianos Gate, a beautiful 42-minute work composed of a series of movement poems. Guest choreographer and dance program alum, Kaitlyn Seibold, worked with our 2nd year dancers on a powerful dance film. Kaitlyn choreographed, filmed and edited Escape Theory, which will be shared via live-stream on Wednesday, April 27th @7pm. We were fortunate to have acclaimed lighting designer, Arun Srinivasan, join us again this semester. Arun created magical worlds for all of us to enjoy and experience both in person and on film.

Over the past ten weeks, these professional artists have graciously shared their expertise and creative vision with our dance, production + design students.  Our students have experienced a creative, professional environment shaped by each of these artists, which is a crucial step in their ongoing training and creative development. 

The Performance Dance program would like to thank the students, faculty and staff in the Production + Design  program for their hard work and dedication - without them this production would not be possible.  

I would like to acknowledge the resilience and beauty of these young dance artists.  We are delighted to showcase their talent here, helping to remind us all about the power of movement and creativity.  

Finally, we are sincerely grateful that you have chosen to spend this time with us and hope that you enjoy SPRINGWORKS 2022!

Vicki St.Denys