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Student Summer Shares: Kyra Tang

June 28, 2023
Poster for show Kyra de Magica

Poster for Kyra Tang's show at Toronto Fringe Festival

Performance at The Creative School students take the summer months to rest, recharge, and explore multitudes of creative persuits! Of course, these projects take many shapes and forms, so we're taking time this summer to share some of the different ways our students spend the summer!

Kyra Tang is going into her 2nd year of the Performance Acting program. This summer she has been fully focused on working on the Fringe show, 'Kyra de Magica'. Back in December, she was lucky enough to find out that she got a platform at the festival to share her clown character. Since then, she has been gratefully honing in on the writing, producing, and performing aspects of the production. And, she can't wait for everyone to meet her!

In regards to the coming school year, I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, hiding in the prop room, exploring the city at 4am. Oh - and of course the education as well, I guess. I'm kidding.. I'm curious to see what happens in second year, and how I can continue to amalgamate the learning from first year and open myself to the new things we are consistently introduced to by our teachers. In my perspective, what's interesting is that the training is part of you, your artistry, and self exploration. As a result, there's a lot of education on 'acting' itself - as an entity - but in between the lines I believe you're really learning a handful about yourself.

Kyra Tang
Kyra smiles at the camera wearing a yellow vest, red cape, and red bowler hat

Cheesin' behind the scenes from a photoshoot for the show

Kyra takes a selfie outside on the streets of Niagara Falls, it is bright and sunny

An eventful trip to Niagara Falls with some friends from the program

Kyra sits on stage in a bright yellow vest and red cape, she is taking notes in her script

Rehearsal photo - working on improv