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Enormity, Girl, and the Earthquake in Her Lungs

Enormity, Girl, and the Earthquake in her Lungs written on a maroon backdrop with a speckled pattern

By Chelsea Woolley 

Directed by Andrea Donaldson

Featuring the third year Acting class

November 3rd - 5th & 10th - 12th at 7pm

 Vic has arrived in a women’s shelter. She has been told to make the bed and begin an intake. Make the bed, and speak. Yet sharing her story is an intolerable enormity for a brain in crisis. Vic and the six personified parts of her traumatized brain, struggle to confront what has happened to them, and commit to the refuge offered from a system often designed to remove a victim’s personal agency over her legal, medical, psychological, and economic choices.

Andrea is Nightwood Theatre’s Artistic Director. Directing highlights in Toronto include: The Queen In Me (Canadian Opera Company Theatre), Betrayal (Soulpepper), Every Day She Rose (Nightwood), Beautiful Man (Factory Theatre) Lo (or Dear Mr. Wells) (Nightwood/Crows), Quiver (Nightwood/Buddies), Sequence (Tarragon), Romeo & Juliet (Ruff), Soliciting Temptation (Tarragon), Within the Glass - GG Nomination (Tarragon), Mistatim (Red Sky), The Atomic Weight of Happiness (Theatre Direct), Montparnasse (TPM), The Unfortunate Misadventures of Masha Galinski (TPM).

Awards: Stratford Festival’s Jean Gascon Award for Direction, nominations for the Pauline McGibbon & John Hirsch Directing Awards. Her projects have received over a dozen Dora nominations and have been awarded Outstanding Performance (Ensemble) & Outstanding Production for And By the Way, Miss (Theatre Direct). 

Chelsea Woolley is a Toronto playwright, interested in work that is large, rhythmic, and women-centric. Her play, Enormity, Girl, and the Earthquake in Her Lungs started development in 2017 as a part of Nightwood Theatre's Write from the Hip program. She has produced work nationally and internationally including a tour of her piece, The Mountain with Geordie Theatre. She has presented work in Belgium at the Shakespeare is Dead Festival, and at the Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C.. She is the creator of the Mixed-Arts Performance Partnership Program connecting young artists living in precarity with professional artist mentorship, and the Head of Drama with the Canadian Children’s Opera Company. Chelsea is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Playwriting Program. Her newest play, Paint Me This House of Love will premiere at the Tarragon Theatre this spring. 

Headshot of Chelsea Woolley. She is white with blonde hair and looks at the camera with lips parted.
Chelsea Woolley