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Fall 2020 Virtual Season

Fall 2020 Virtual Season

A dancer walks away from the camera through a grassy field, carrying a chair over their shoulder.

Fall for Dance North

Premiers October 4th

Richard III

December 2nd - 4th

Online Showcase Festival

A move still features multiple layers images: leaves on the ground, the sky with a few clouds, the back of a dancer as they jump.

December 9th

In their kitchen, a clown balances precariously on a bicycle looking triumphant.

December 11th

A students works at a home desk on two computers simultaneously. One have video still on the screen, while the other has organizational documents.
Production Panel

December 12th

From above, a split screen of two actors lying in bed. The actor on the left lies awake at night, while the other appears to be asleep with an eye mask on.
Love and Information

December 12th

Winter 2021 Virtual Season

Semiprecious: semaphore

February 26, 8:30 pm EST


March 5-6, 8:00 and 9:00 pm EST

Before the End

Live Launch on April 22 at 7:00pm

rabbit hole

April 15 - 17

World Premiere

Written by David Yee
Directed by Nina Lee Aquino

A dancer in a vast empty hall with large arched windows. The sun pours in
Choreographic Film Festival

April 19 - 21


April 22 - 24

New Voices Gala

April 23