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Headshots - 8

Sunny Fernandez (she/her)

Academic Coordinator


Extension: 554624

 When to Contact: 

  • Academic-related questions
  • Appeals
  • Course substitutions/directives
  • Administering awards & scholarships
  • Grades
  • Transfer credits
  • Probationary contracts
    Promotion to students of external shows, events and opportunities
Peter Fleming's headshot

Peter Fleming

Production & Operations Manager


Extension: 556789

 When to Contact: 

  • Security, Facilities Management and Development (FMD)
  • Health and safety
  • Alterations and renovations
  • Alumni and archives
  • Capital expense planning
  • Production budgeting 
  • Season scheduling
  • Show staffing
Scott Martin's headshot

Scott Martin (he/him)

Technical Director


Extension: 556790

 When to Contact: 

  • Current students with specific questions
  • Technical equipment issues
  • Facility technical support

Additionally, Scott is an instructor in the Production Program.

James wears a black button up shirt and smiles with a closed mouth looking kindly at the camera

James McCrorie 

Manager of Administration


Extension: 555125


 When to Contact: 

  • Current faculty and staff inquiries
  • CUPE contracts
  • Guest artist contracts
  • HR general inquiries
headshot of bronwyn pel, she smiles at the camera, her hair is up, and she is against a multicolour background

Bronwyn Pel (she/her)

Wardrobe Supervisor


Extension: 556785


 When to Contact:

Bronwyn is currently on leave, please direct wardrobe inquiries to Courtney Roy ( 

  • Current production students with technical questions relating to costuming and the wardrobe. 
Headshots - 10

Caroline Rodway (she/her)

Communication & Reception Coordinator


Extension: 555086 When to Contact:

  • General inquiries
  • Website updates and social media posts
  • Information about upcoming productions
  • Program specific information for prospective students
  • Room booking