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Master of Nursing Program Placement FAQs

Nursing practicums occur primarily in hospitals, academic settings, and other organizations. The practicum allows the opportunity to advance and apply your  knowledge and skills in a variety of specialty areas of nursing practice. Example: clinical research, education, reseach, policy, quality improvement and administration.

There is only one mandatory nursing practicum course that you must complete while enrolled in the Master of Program: MN8905 Practicum in Professional Nursing Advancement. (opens in new window) 

Note that MN8904 Seminar in Professional Nursing Advancement (opens in new window)  must be taken concurrently with MN8905.

Practicum decisions are based on the following: curriculum requirements, student's past experience, interviews, and faculty consultations. Your flexibility is required, as the desired practicum opportunity may not be available.

You should connect and meet with your MN 8904/5 Course Professor to discuss possible opportunities for your practicum experience.

The MN 8904/5 Course Professor is responsible to approve your practicum. 

Yes. You should connect with your assigned Course Professor to discuss a possible preceptor. You may identify a preceptor with graduate education with whom you want to be placed with for your practicum. Once a potential preceptor has been identified and the Course Professor has given you consent to move ahead, you will make contact with the preceptor to discuss learning opportunities.

Following the meeting with your Course Professor, you can now fill out a Practicum Request Form.

The MN 8904/5 Course Professor is responsible to approve your practicum. You should only fill-out a PRF after meeting with your Course Professor and getting approval.

The Practicum Request Form allows you to identify an approved preceptor with graduate education with whom you would like to be placed with for your practicum. 

This Form is used to communicate with the Placement Coordinator to arrange your placement with your preceptor's organization.


Once you complete the PRF, the Placement Coordinator will then process your request with the receiving agency contact to secure your practicum within the organization. Once the receiving agency contact accepts the request, you will receive your confirmed practicum information via HSPnet. (external link) 

We strive to confirm all practicums, via HSPnet, within two weeks of your nursing practicum course start date. Make sure to check HSPnet frequently for updates as it is your responsibility to do so.

If you have an extenuating circumstance and self-identify as requiring an accommodation for your clinical placement, you must get in touch with the Academic Accommodation Support Office and meet with a student accomodation facilitator. It is very important to initiate this process well in advance of your placement assignment. Placement coordinators require accommodation information to negotiate your placement with our partners and to ensure they are securing a placement that meets your needs, ensures your safety and aligns to course objectives.

Please note this process should be started prior to the start of the new semester to avoid any delays in starting your clinical placement.

Contact the Academic Accommodation Support Office by:

Fall - May 15th

Winter - October 1st

Spring - January 15th

All Master of Nursing students are expected to use their Toronto Metropolitan University OneCard as their ID Badge while in practicum. You can apply for a OneCard online. OneCards are only issued in person at the OneCard office and cannot be mailed. Students must have a valid government issued photo ID. For more information please contact the OneCard office.