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Probationary Contract

In undergraduate degree programs, a student's academic progress is evaluated at the end of each term. A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated. Based on the academic standing a student’s status in the program is established.

Student CGPA

If a student obtains a CGPA of:

  • Over 1.67: a student can continue in their program, unconditionally.
  • Between 1.00 and 1.66: a student is put on probation and a plan of study must be set for continuing in the next term.
  • Below 1.00: a student is Required to Withdraw (RTW) unless they are a new student to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) and in their first term (fall). In this case the student’s standing is set to Probationary.

A probationary student must meet with their program advisor to develop a plan of study to continue with their program. This plan will include the minimum Term Grade Point Average (TGPA) to be achieved and optionally:

  • The maximum and/or minimum number of courses that can be taken
  • Recommended academic support seminars and workshops
  • For re-instated and Fresh Start Program students, specific courses to be taken, including all requirements for failed and incomplete graded courses

This plan is formalized into a Probationary Contract that is agreed to by both the student and the program advisor.

Enter and Maintain a Probationary Contract

The Probationary Contract must be entered into the Student Administrative System (SAS).

Once a student has agreed to and signed the Probationary Contract, it can be entered into SAS where it will be evaluated automatically at the end of the term during the academic standing calculation.

Please contact Admin Support at for a step-by-step tutorial.

You can update the terms of a student's Probationary Contract at any time by:

  • changing the Minimum GPA required
  • adding comments
  • adjusting maximum or minimum number of courses that the student can enrol in
  • adding or deleting courses
  • changing the expected grade on an Extended Academic Probation (EAP) contract

Please contact Admin Support at for a step-by-step tutorial.

End of Term

At the end of the term when the grades are posted, the Probationary Contract is automatically evaluated to determine if the terms of the contract have been met. The student’s academic standing is calculated and a decision is then made as to whether the student can continue in their program studies.

Subsequent Term Requirements

In the subsequent term, the student must:

  • achieve a TGPA of 1.67 or higher
  • meet all terms and conditions of their Probationary Contract
  • not violate approved department/school standing variations

If the student does not meet all these terms and conditions, they are assigned a standing of Required To Withdraw (RTW) or Permanent Program Withdrawal (PPW).

RTW students may apply to return after a 12-month period or apply for the Fresh Start Program in the second term after their assignment of the RTW standing. If accepted, they can continue their studies under a Probationary Contract.

For details on the policy for Probationary Contracts, see  (PDF file) Senate Policy 170(a)