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Patrice Latka

Assistant Professor
EducationRM, MScCH, BHSc
OfficeOnline through Zoom
Areas of ExpertiseMedical Education/ Interprofessional Education; Obstetrical Emergency Content Development; Exam Writing; Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Research; Fetal Health Surveillance.

Patrice Latka graduated from the Midwifery Education Program at Toronto Metropolitan University in 1999 and has had the privilege of working as a midwife and educator in a variety of settings. From Canada’s largest urban centres, to the most remote Inuit communities of the Canadian Arctic, Patrice has served families and taught perinatal healthcare providers for over 20 years. Patrice is a non-practicing registrant in Ontario and BC and a midwife with Special Authorization to work in Québec. She has a Master of Science in Community Health from the University of Toronto with a specialty in interprofessional medical education. In addition to teaching in the Midwifery Education Program at Toronto Metropolitan University, Patrice is an instructor of obstetrical emergency management courses including NRP, ALARM, MEST, ESW and FHS. As a subject matter expert in emergency obstetrical management, Patrice teaches interprofessional perinatal healthcare providers while working as an educational content developer for various perinatal organizations. Realistic high fidelity obstetrical emergencies simulations are Patrice’s specialty!

  • MWF305: Interprofessional Maternity Care
  • MWF250: Midwifery Clinical Skills
  • Emergency Skills: NRP, ALARM, ESW, FHS, MEST
  • 2014-2015 Lifebeat ’96 Award for Graduate Work focused on Women’s Health
  • 1999 Hugh Innis Award for Human Rights and Social Justice Work
  • 1999 Founder’s Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement
  • 1999 CESAR Academic Excellence Award (4.0 GPA)

Research Interests:

  • Management of Emergencies in an Out of Hospital Birth Setting
  • The Science Behind the Art of Midwifery

Research Projects:

Project: Are retention rates higher amongst healthcare providers learning intraosseous injection of medications vs umbilical vein catheterization in neonatal resuscitation?

Year: 2020 - 2021

Funding received: Pending

Funded by: Canadian Pediatric Society

  • Hodgson Z, Latka P. (2019) Canadian Registered Midwives’ Experiences with Nipple Stimulation: An Exploratory Survey in British Columbia and Ontario. JOGC. July 2020:861-867.
  • Hodgson Z, Latka P, Fulford R, Campbell A. (2017) The Use of Poke Root in the Treatment of Lactational Mastitis: Practice Patterns Among Midwives in British Columbia. Can J Mid Res Prac. 16(3):8-16.