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Dr. Ziad Saghir

Ziad Saghir
BSc, MASc, PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 556418

Areas of Academic Interest

Heat, fluid flow and mass transfer

Porous media

Computational fluid mechanics


Year University Degree
1984 University of Toronto PhD
1980 Université Laval MASc
1979 Université Laval BSc

Selected Courses

Course Code Course
MEC 516 Fluid Mechanics I
MEC 514 Applied Thermodynamics
ME8141 Transport Phenomena in Porous Media


Want to understand how oil behaves deep under the earth’s surface? “Send it into space,” says Ziad Saghir. 

Formerly a program scientist at the Canadian Space Agency, Saghir investigates the impact of gravity on the movement of hydrocarbons in underground reservoirs. One of the leading reduced-gravity researchers in Canada, his experiments have flown on space shuttles, the International Space Station, an orbiting Russian satellite, and a plane that takes parabolic flights at 25,000 feet to simulate zero gravity.

Saghir’s research could lead to positive environmental impacts here on Earth. His findings are helping him develop numerical models that identify and evaluate sources of oil, which reduces the need for drilling. His research also has a positive impact on his students. “It reminds them that sometimes we can understand what’s happening under our feet by looking to the stars.”

Ziad Saghir

“When professors are enthusiastic, they help students fall in love with their discipline. That’s what I strive to do.”

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  • Microgravity Science Lab