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Dr. Patrick Neumann

Patrick Neumann
BSc, MSc, LicEng, PhD, LEL, EurErg
416-979-5000 ext. 557738

Areas of Academic Interest

Human factors engineering

Organizational design and management

Sustainable work systems


Operations engineering

Design science


Year University Degree
2004 Lund Technical University PhD
2001 Lund Technical University LicEng
1999 University of Waterloo MSc
1992 University of Waterloo BSc

Selected Courses

Course Code Course
MEC 325 Introduction to Engineering Design
IND 712 Industrial Ergonomics
ME8103 Advanced Human Factors


Work shouldn’t hurt. So says Patrick Neumann, who designs effective work systems on both the human and technical sides. That means creating systems that deliver successful business outcomes while also sustaining human health. It also means viewing workplace pain and injury as an engineering problem with an engineering solution. 

An ergonomist and scientist, Neumann believes that workplaces should invest in excellent design because the direct cost of injury, illness and death is astronomical – estimated at about $3 trillion worldwide – with serious trickle-down effects. “Businesses can invest up front in excellent design or pay far more down the road in human health, quality issues, reworking poor systems and starting over again,” he says.

To help businesses (and people) avoid these pains, Neumann is developing predictive tools that reveal the cascading consequences of workplace design to both engineers and business managers. “Effective design includes protection from harm. And that requires more humanized engineering processes.”

Patrick Neumann

“Workplace systems can be technologically innovative and sustain health. Why shouldn’t we design for both?”

  • Best Paper Award, International Journal of Production Research (2018)
  • Editor’s Pick: Paper highlighted for the 55th anniversary of the International Journal of Production Research (2017)
  • Best Paper Award in Ergonomics, The Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety and the U.K. Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), Liberty Mutual Award (2015)
  • Best Paper Award, German Association of Business Management Scholars (2014)
  • Elsevier Science Clinical Biomechanics Award, International Society of Biomechanics (1997)
  • Kolus, A., Wells, R., and Neumann, W.P. “Production Quality and Human Factors: A Systematic Review and Theoretical Framework.” Applied Ergonomics, vol. 73, 2018, pp. 55-89. 
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  • Human Factors Engineering Lab
  • Associate editor, Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineering; Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors (IISE-TOEHFS)
  • Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA)
  • Limited Engineering Licence, Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)   
  • Society for Engineering Management (IISE-SEMS)
  • Institute of Industrial Engineers (IISE)
  • Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health (CARWH)
  • Certified European Ergonomist
  • Member, Nordic Ergonomics Society (NES)
  • Member, Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE)