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Dr. Habiba Bougherara

Habiba Bougherara
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
BSc, MASc, PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 557092

Areas of Academic Interest

Biomaterials and biomechanics

Advanced composite materials

Modelling and mechanical characterization


Year University Degree
2005 École Polytechnique
2000 École Polytechnique

Selected Courses

Course Code Course
MTL 200 Materials Science Fundamentals
MTL 300 Materials Science II
ME/AE8119 Introduction to Composite Materials


Want to see the future of medicine? Look no further than Habiba Bougherara’s biomedical materials lab. 

Bougherara and her team are developing advanced composite materials that mimic bone. The composites could replace the metal currently used in joint implants or the rods and plates used to repair fractures, and could dramatically alter a patient’s knee or hip replacement experience. “We hope to improve quality of life for patients by extending the lifespan of an implant from 10 to 15 years to 25,” she says, “effectively eliminating the need for implants to be replaced in a patient’s lifetime.”

Bougherara’s work doesn’t stop there. Her composites could be adapted for use in the body of a car or the wings of a plane. And she’s already working on the next big step in orthopedic surgery: combining advanced composites with 3D printing technology. “Our goal is to enable the surgeon to scan the patient’s femur and 3D print a custom implant there and then.”

Habiba Bougherara

“Improving quality of life for patients by developing new biomedical composite materials is incredibly rewarding.”

  • Early Researchers Awards (ERA-MRI)
  • Discovery Accelerator Supplements (NSERC-DAS) 
  • Dean’s Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Awards (3)
  • Ryerson’s Collaborative Research Award
  • Al-Hajaj, Z., Sy, B.L., Bougherara, H., and Zdero, R. “Impact Properties of a New Hybrid Composite Material Made From Woven Carbon Fibres Plus Flax Fibres in an Epoxy Matrix.” Composite Structures, vol. 208, 2019, pp. 346-356. 
  • Mahboob, Z., and Bougherara, H. “Fatigue of Flax-epoxy and Other Plant Fibre Composites: Critical Review and Analysis.” Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, vol. 109, 2018, pp. 440-462.
  • Mahboob, Z., Chemisky, Y., Meraghni, F., and Bougherara, H. “Mesoscale Modelling of Tensile Response and Damage Evolution in Natural Fibre Reinforced Laminates.” Composites Part B: Engineering, vol. 119, no. 15, 2017, 168-183.
  • Tavakkoli Avval, P., Samiezadeh, S., and Bougherara, H. (2016). “Long-term Response of Femoral Density to Hip Implant and Bone Fracture Plate: Computational Study Using a Mechano-biochemical Model.” Medical Engineering & Physics, vol. 38, no. 2, 2016, pp. 171-180.
  • Eftekhari, S., and Bougherara, H. (2016). Artificial bone nanocomposite and method of manufacture. US Patent 9,327,053.
  • Laboratory of Biomaterials and Biomechanics (LBB)
  • Member of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)
  • Member of Bone and Joint Decade
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory of CREPEC
  • Member of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics
  • Member of the Canadian Association for Composite Structures and Materials
  • Member of the Association for Composite Materials (AMC)