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Kate French, MBA-MTI, 2014

Kate French
Brand Manager at Mattel; MBA-MTI, 2014

Getting an MBA had always been a goal of mine and I was looking for a program that allowed me to specialize in the field that I was passionate about.

I was working in advertising but was looking to transition fields so decided that I would complete an MBA to help me transition into the field I wanted to be in.

I was given the opportunity to complete the program full-time as I was generously awarded a significant scholarship, without which I would not have been able to and would have had to complete the program part-time.

Once at the school I was impressed not only with the classes and the ability to adapt the degree to industries, trends and functions I was most interested in but also the support I received outside of the classroom. This allowed me to participate in a number of competition and and get more practical experience and build a resume and network that ultimately helped me to market myself once I was planning for my post-MBA career.

"The biggest way in which the MBA directly helped me get my job was the MBA Career Centre, which helped connect me with a recruiter at Rogers who was hiring for the role I was interested in. I was employed in my field before my MBA was even finished."

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