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Farhana Mahbub, MBA, 2019

Farhana Mahbub
Farhana Mahbub

Ted Rogers MBA, Class of 2019

Board Member: Canadian Mental Health Association and Women in Leadership Foundation
Host of EDI workshops and “Unconscious Bias” sessions

I have always been a proponent of diversity recruitment, advocating for candidates from minority backgrounds. I’ve worked hard to create an open work culture, one in which I’m not afraid to take a stand and address issues that hinder the advancement of minority candidates.

There is a huge need for meaningful mentorship, especially for minority women. I believe a program like the Ted Rogers MBA can play a vital role in helping minority women find the types of mentors and sponsors that will support them in their career development.

EDI takes a concerted effort across the organization. It won’t happen overnight, but as society continues to become more global and diverse, managers need to focus on EDI as a long-term objective.

Employee wellbeing is essential to high employee engagement and productivity. It’s important for leaders to have a clear understanding of what wellbeing means to each of their team members. From being challenged with high-visibility projects to protecting family time, wellbeing will mean something different for each employee.

I think most firms are prepared to see a hybrid workforce, even globally. For Ted Rogers MBA students and graduates, they should position themselves as ready to respond to that changing demand and consider how to maximize the flexibility of a hybrid or global work arrangement.

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