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Adedoyin Adesemowo, MBA-MTI, 2010

Adedoyin Adesemowo
Project Manager, City of Brampton; MBA-MTI, 2010

Adedoyin attained his degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering in Nigeria before considering innovation-focused MBA programs in North America.

"Part of my decision was job availability in the city," Adedoyin says. "When I read the profile of Toronto Met, I saw lots of employment, and Toronto Met is on Bay Street, the Wall Street of Canada."

With a GMAT score of 770, Adedoyin was offered scholarships to many schools. The Ted Rogers MBA provided an entrance scholarship, one of 18 scholarships issued annually.

As an international student, Adedoyin quickly learned how diverse the Ted Rogers MBA community is, helping him adjust to the new environment. "The connections and relationships I made were integral to my growth as an MBA candidate," he says. "I never imagined all the places and industries that MBA candidates could come from."

Faculty helped prepare Adedoyin for the working world and his time at Ted Rogers endeared him to Canada, leading him to settle upon graduation.

"I decided to stay in Canada because of the network I built and how the Ted Rogers MBA prepared me for the external world. A month after my MBA, I got a job."


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