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BA in Language and Intercultural Relations

Globalization and increased migration have brought people from a variety of backgrounds closer together and in more frequent contact. Even though this increase in international contacts has seen a heightened use of English as a lingua franca, intercultural communication problems remain and sometimes give rise to significant misunderstandings, even conflicts.

Intercultural relations professionals are strategic relationship builders who work with individuals, corporations, government and NGOs to help all parties communicate in a way that bridges cultures and lifts barriers of language. The goal is to enable an unimpeded flow of information between parties who do not share a language and cultural code. Our BA in Language and Intercultural Relations (LIR) enables students to focus on one of two streams (French or Spanish), while acquiring skills necessary to navigate culturally diverse working and social environments. While developing the ability to adapt to, understand and appreciate cultural and linguistic diversity, students gain practical skills that open up employment opportunities and possibilities for advanced studies in graduate school.

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