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Continuing Education Certificate

Language Coordinators

Language Coordinator Location Phone/Email  
Rania Ibrahim
POD 247 416.979.5000 ext 544556
John Edward Stowe
POD 247 416.979.5000 ext 544556
Lara Popic
POD 247 416.979.5000 ext. 554198
Mignette Garvida
POD 247 416.979.5000 ext. 556113

We offer a variety of courses for adult learners through the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. The Chang School offers high-quality university credit courses in which students acquire and develop a wide range of skills in French and Spanish, both oral and written, which can be used with success in the marketplace or as credit toward a university degree.

TMU full-time undergraduate program students are able to enroll in courses at the Chang School through myServiceHub. Please remember that fees for continuing education courses will be assessed over and above those fees for your program courses. Students will be assessed the appropriate fees as per the number of billing units assigned for their full-time enrolled courses plus the applicable continuing education course fee(s). If students have any question about billing units for the full-time enrolled program courses and/or continuing education course fees, they must consult, for clarification, the Fees Office. Also, be sure to review continuing education course drop and refund dates in the Chang School calendar as they are different from those for your undergraduate program courses. If you subsequently withdraw from continuing education courses, you will be charged a course drop fee. As with all courses, students are responsible for ensuring that the course selected applies to the program in which they are enrolled.

TMU full-time undergraduate students may also register in continuing education certificates following the regulations set out by the Chang School (opens in new window) .

TMU full-time undergraduate program students who are also pursuing a continuing education certificate should note that at least half of the courses required for our certificates must bear the code CFRE or CSPN.