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Linda Shutt Memorial Scholarship

About the award

For a third-year newspaper student demonstrating maturity, initiative and determination in reporting.

Linda Shutt was a Ryerson (now Toronto Met) graduate who, during her time here, became a reporter with a mission “to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.” With tenacity and no-nonsense grit she became an award-winning rising star. Her drive, determination and ability to dig out the facts and report them without bias was the stuff of which great reporters are made.  She once said: “All I want to be is a reporter; the writing will come later.” Linda’s husband, Maurice Desnoyer, and her colleagues and friends established this award to honour her memory.

Past Winners

2022 Alina Snisarenko
2021 Bree Duwyn
2020 Christy Janssens
2019 Christy Janssens
2018 Taylor Lytle-Hewlett
2017 Julianna Garofalo
2016 Amira Zubairi
2015 Alexandra Heck
2014 Nicole Thompson