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Len Coates Memorial Award

About the award

To provide financial assistance and to recognize the academic achievement of a student in the School of Journalism, in memory of Len Coates and his extraordinary contribution to the field of journalism. One award will be offered to a student entering each of the second, third and fourth years of study in the bachelor of journalism program.

Len Coates was a pioneer of automobile journalism in Canada, first at the Toronto Telegram and later at the Toronto Star. He was the first president of the Automotive Journalists’ Association of Canada.  Jim Kenzie of the Star wrote: “Len’s facile conversation, easy charm and fluid writing style only partly mask a rigid integrity – get the facts right; hold true to your principles; tell it like it is.”

Len Coates died in January 2006. The three Len Coates Memorial Awards were established by his friends and collaborators, Rod and Sandra Campbell, in conjunction with the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame.


Past First-Year Winners

2023 Rukhshana Ahmadi
2022 Fatima Raza
2021 Daysha Loppie
2020 Reathia Rafique
2019 Donald Higney
2018 Isabella Lopes
2017 Trevor Green
2016 Holly Walker
2015 Viviane Fairbank
2014 Yara Kashlan

Past Second-Year Winners

2023 Fatima Raza
2022 Daysha Loppie
2021 Reedah Hayder
2020 Elizabeth Sargeant
2019 Kirti Vyas
2018 Subhanghi Ananadarajah
2017 Maggie Macintosh
2016 Kate Skelly
2015 Patricia Karounos
2014 Hailey Salvian
2013 Sonia El Boury

Past Third-Year Winners

2023 Bianca Thompson
2022 Breanna Schnurr
2021 Masih Khalatbariderakhshan
2020 Kirti Vyas
2019 Katie Swyers
2018 Adjani Toussom
2017 Brenda Molina-Navidad
2016 Palak Mangat
2015 Ben Waldman
2014 Ramna Shahzad
2013 Jasmin Husain