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Eyeopener – Jay Sussman Memorial Award

About the award

For the student demonstrating excellence in political studies and journalism.

Journalism student Jay Sussman died of cancer in November 1984, aged 28, before he was able to complete his final year in the program. Described as “bright, committed, inquisitive and humorous,” he made a lasting impression on those who knew him. Remembering his devotion to human rights and his belief that journalism and politics could contribute to eliminating injustice and inequality, his family and friends set up this memorial award; later extended by a generous contribution from the Eyeopener. The winner is chosen by the Department of Politics and Public Administration.

Past Winners

2023 Scott Martin
2022 Yutang Song
2021 Alina Snisarenko
2020 Abeer Khan
2019 Emma Sandri
2018 Sherina Harris
2017 Sarah Krichel
2016 Ryan Jeffrey Tuchow
2015 Deni Verklan
2014 Zach Pothier
2013 Ophelia Zalcmanis-Lai