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Del Bell Memorial Award

About the award

For overall academic proficiency, with a demonstrated flair for news and feature writing and demonstrated financial need. The award does not necessarily go to the student with the top academic standing. For this award, writing and financial need are more important than academic standing alone. Estimated at $800.

Del Bell should have been strapped to his chair when he wrote. He took you on quite a ride. Wherever he worked – at the London Free Press or the Toronto Sun – he was the guy with his shirttail hanging out, whose stories were always read to the end. This award was established by Bell’s family and friends, who wish to reward others who share his passion for storytelling.

Read more about Bell in the newsletter story about him.  

Past Winners

2023 Kareem Mekla
2022 Noel Tesfa
2021 Daysha Loppie
2020 Nishat Chowdhury
2019 Kayla Zhu
2018 Libaan Osman
2017 Subhanghi Anandarajah
2016 Declan Keogh
2015 Jake Kivanc
2014 Luke Galati
2013 Alfea Donato