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A.O. Tate Memorial Award

About the award

For excellence in reporting in first year.

A.O. (Alf) Tate was a Toronto Star reporter, served in the Royal Canadian Navy as a photographer, and was a former president of the Toronto chapter of what is now SONG. Tate also loved flight, and was the first reporter to dispatch a story from the air. In September 1955, he was covering a story on board a U.S. Navy plane which, while investigating a hurricane, was lost over the Caribbean Sea.

Past Winners

2023 Jaden Whitelaw
2022 Aneesa Bhanji
2021 Shaki Sutharsan
2020 Edward Djan
2019 Anastasiya Romanska
2018 Sherina Harris
2017 Josh Cameron
2016 Katherine Swyers
2015 Justin Chandler
2014 Karen McCall
2013 Nikolas Theodorakidis