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Maurice Cacho

Director of Content Marketing, Fidelity Investments

Maurice Cacho is the Director, Digital Marketing at Fidelity Investments. This interview was done when he was the Digital Content - Strategic Customer Marketing at Great-West Life.

What have you done since graduating from the university?

When I was out of school, I was working with the Canadian Press and I moved on to CP24. I was there for about three years and was one of the initial members of their web team. I was one of the people who started their online presence: I started their social-media strategy, got them on Twitter, and now I think they’re the most-followed Canadian newsroom on Twitter, which is funny because they were a little apprehensive about social media at first and look where they are now.

[I] moved on from CP24 to CTV News. I also do a show called App Central on CTV and BNN.

Editor's Note: Maurice Cacho has since moved on to become Digital Content - Strategic Customer Marketing at Great-West Life.

What’s your favourite app?

Instagram is pretty addictive. I’m a big fan of the weather app Partly Cloudy (I use that quite a bit). And of course I have to plug the CTV News app.

Are there any apps you’d recommend to journalism students?

I think if a journalism student has access to Scribble Live that’s a pretty good app. I think it is also important that they have twitter and if they’re blogging they have something like WordPress on their phone that’s always a good bet.

Did you always want to work online?

Once I graduated, I kind of had a better idea of what the industry was like and that visual and web was the way to go. But it was a far cry from when I went into school thinking I was going to be a magazine journalist.

What was your experience at the university like?

It was amazing. Great staff, great facilities. Big shout out to the Eyeopener, which was part of my education at university outside the classroom.

Any advice for current students?

For sure! I say get involved, get out there. Don’t be afraid to participate in internships and head over to the Eyeopener, because that’s where I got a lot of the experience that helped me get to where I am today. Going above and beyond your basic school requirements is what helps you go above and beyond to get noticed in the workforce.

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